2019 RI Pagan Pride Day Merchants

Adornment Zen
Stacey creates handcrafted jewelry, accessories and home novelties. She is gemstone and crystal obsessed so she likes to incorporate only the best gems and crystals she can find in her work. Stacey also likes to use vintage and discontinued Swarovski crystals just to give each piece an extra one of a kind appeal. She is a proud pagan and also likes to express her intuitive colorful spirit in each handcrafted piece. Blessed Be. Made with Zen. Learn more

Alpha Reiki of Bewitched of Scituate
If you have always wanted to try REIKI, this is a great opportunity for you at the RIPPD. Reiki is an ancient, hands-on energy healing therapy. The Japanese word Reiki describes a system for tapping into universal life force, sometimes referred to as chi or qi, the energy that creates and sustains all life.

Avalon Enchanted
Avalon Enchanted and Red Tent Caravan is excited to return to RIPP and offer two free Red Tent events that day. (Times still TBD). Avalon Enchanted will also be vending hand made oil blends including Moldavite Oil, Merlin Meditation Oil, and Grounding Oil as well as crystals, incense burners and Scrying mirrors. Learn more

Bc Designs
Bc Designs features handcrafted items by Bernie Courtney. Clay goddess wall plaques, spirit dolls, pagan yarn dolls, jewelry and beautiful kumihimo corded pendants. Learn More

Bewitched of Scituate
Roxanne is a Cabot Witch Psychic Medium and will be offering readings in her gypsy wagon. Bewitched of Scituate will also be selling handmade magical items, apothecary products, and hand crafted pendulum and Ouija boards. They will also provide Aura photography and energy healing sessions. Learn more

Bewitchin’ the Kitchen
Quilted and handmade items to make everyday Magickal! Altar cloths, tarot mats, place mat sets, scented rice trivets, scented coasters, mug mats, wristlets, tote bags/purses and other household items. They also make decorated witch hats and other kitchen witch decor.

Blackstone Grove
Blackstone Grove is a Rhode Island based Druid group. They draw upon inspiration from nature, animism, the teachings of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, other Druid mentors and sources, and a wide variety of other Celtic resources to shape and mold their spirituality. They celebrate the turning of the wheel (8x year) and hold an occasional movie event, field trip or class.

Branwen’s Dreams
Branwen’s Dreams a one woman owned and operated artisan shop where you will discover masterfully crafted items that will delight and pamper you. It is her intention to connect people with the same authentic and traditional paths to wholeness of the Cunning folk and ancestral wisdom-keepers who came before us. To this end, she offers carefully, lovingly handcrafted herbal remedies such as tinctures, flower essences, and tea blends and other magical products that take herbalism and healing back to their roots in the manner of the Pharmakeute of old. While her remedies aren’t FDA approved, they’ve got the backing of hundreds of years of traditional Cunning folk knowledge. She believes this to be the bridge that will empower people to reclaim our health as well as our collective environment. Learn more

Cabochons offers many fine hand crafted products: ceramic images for altar or offering, jewelry, painted silk, drawn and painted portraits in many forms, pagan cookbooks, as well as long striped stockings, and occasional readings are available. Learn more

Cerridwen’s Keep
A fun, drama-free Pagan learning center! They have tons of spiritual tools and accessories but pride themselves on their craft creations – runes, essential oil health rolls-ons and sprays, jewelry, mojo bags, spell kits, and tons more! They offer weekly informational and crafting workshops and Full Moon celebrations. Their monthly Mystical Meetup is a free discussion group. And – as always, the sarcasm is absolutely FREE! Learn more

Cloak and Crown
Cloak and Crown offers handmade magical earthen inspired clothing for all. From elegant cloaks to unique tops there are all sorts of items available for everyone with a variety of sizes and styles. Come try on some magical items and be transported to a whole new world! Learn more

Diamonds And Dinosaurs
Crystals, Fossils, Tumbled Stones, Sterling Silver Gemstone Jewelry including Rings, Pendants, Earrings, Bracelets and Necklaces etc. Gemstone Hearts, Spheres, Stars, Eggs, Pyramids, Carvings, Animals, etc. Polished Agate Slabs. Fossil Ivory Carvings and pendants. Unique Gifts from around the World including Moldavite and Meteorites. 2019 is their 25th year in business and 55th year providing Unique Worldwide gift items selected exclusively for you, since 1964. Learn more

Dawdling Dragons Designs
Unique chainmaille jewelry designs featuring Swarovski crystal and natural stones. Mixed media jewelry that combines chainmaille and vintage silver plated flatware. Learn more

Esmerelda Goodshoes
Esmerelda Goodshoes makes Fairy Bottles, Mushrooms, Fabric items, Beaded items and many other things that strike her fancy. A portion of the proceeds of all sales got to agencies helping people affected by cancer. Learn More

Familiar Spirits
Altar dolls, ancestor dolls, gris gris charms, mojo bags(fixed) candles(fixed) powders one of a kind spiritual art pieces, poppet dolls, beaded canvases Agua de las Sirenas curios. Learn More

Sean Kane will be offering insightful tarot card and rune readings.

Gaia Gems Earth Wisdom
Energy transformers in the form of amulets, talismans, divination tools, chargers, medicine shields, totem pyramids, pendants, clearing sprays, Elemental Oracle Cards and much more. Artistic combination of crystals, metals, sacred geometry, sigils, the 5 elements and Reiki to promote personal and planetary healing and deep re-connection to the Sacredness of All Life. Learn more

Gail’s Glitter
Beautiful jewelry and accessories which includes hats, scarfs, hair accessories (and if requested multi-color and natural color wigs and bangs) from around the world.

Horn & Cauldron Church of the Earth
Horn & Cauldron is an active, experiential Wiccan coven located on private property in a beautiful country setting in western Rhode Island. They are celebrating our 10th continuous year of devotion to the deities and spiritual growth.

In A Snap
In A Snap sells interchangeable snap jewelry including hand made snap cork jewelry and handmade beaded snap jewelry.

Inversemystic produces hand screen printed tie dye shirts. These designs are based on original drawings of magical objects and animals. They also create wands, offering dishes, very rustic wire wrapped jewelry and much more. They will also be offering crystal readings.

IZO Arts & Crafts
Offering handmade artisan goat milk soaps, handcrafted journals and vinyl lettering on mugs, canvases and glass block.

Karen’s Crowns And Hats
You will find a large variety of finely crafted, beautifully hand-stitched crowns and hats.

Kenneth Raye Wands
Kenneth Raye has been creating hand made wands and alter tools for over 10 years in his workshop in Upton Ma. His wands have been sold in magical stores around New England and around the world through his Etsy shop. Each wand has a tag with a description of the wood’s magical properties. Learn more

Kitchen Witch Kreations/CS Lahousse Photography
Hand poured all natural soy candles made with lead-free wicks, phthalate free fragrances, and organic essential oils. Nature, Cemetery & other photography from my wanderings in New England. Learn more

Lil Moon Designs
Lil Moon Designs offers handcrafted jewelry, botanical products as well as tarot, rune, and pendulum readings. Learn more

Minoan Brotherhood of RI
The Minoan Brotherhood is a men’s initiatory tradition of the Craft celebrating Life, Men Loving Men, and Magic in a primarily Cretan context, also including some Aegean and Ancient Near Eastern mythology. Learn More

My Pink Planet
The pieces in this collection are one of a kind, handmade and inspired by nature and it’s magical healing powers. Richard uses many of the old industrial techniques invented in Providence RI, the city where he lives, once known as the costume jewelry capital of the world. After graduating from the Rhode Island school of Design he began his career as a jewelry designer for manufacturers that opened in the 1930’s and 40’s, an environment from which he learned many of the old and lost techniques from some of the industries original innovators. Learn more

One Path Labyrinth Ventures
Tracy Andryc, owner of One Path labyrinth Ventures, creates ceramic finger labyrinths, cauldrons, goddess effigies, mugs, jewelry and offering bowls in a ritual setting with focused intention and healing energy. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind handcrafted, sacred tool designed to aid the user on their path to healing and wholeness. Learn More

Oona’s Glen
Lovingly hand-crafted herbal goods, soy candles, body products, and herbal gifts are yours at Oona’s Glen.

Rowanoak the Wican Wizard
For an exciting journey into your past, present, and future. Rowanoak has been a practicing pagan for nearly 25 years, and has been a master of the tarot for well over a decade. He uses the Legend of Arthurian tarot deck, and brings to your reading his wit, charm, his story telling, as well as his knowledge of Arthurian lore.

Shining Moon Studio
Michael Richmond of Shining Moon Studio is an artist and Tarot card reader who creates witchy and Tarot themed hand carved stamps. The prints from those stamps are then used to design pins, clothing, stickers, Tarot bags, journals and more. Michael has also designed a new divination tool, Theban Oracle Dice, which are used to receive messages from the universe by deciphering the Theban letters and looking for meaningful words or phrases. Learn more

Stellalux Soaps
Stellalux Soaps offers locally made soaps and body products made in small batches. Products are inspired by nature while using knowledge of astrology, herbalism, and always created with a touch of magic. Learn More

Sticks N Stones Healing Gifts, LLC
Unique high quality selection of crystals, organic herbal and floral smudge sticks, handmade wire wrapped crystal jewelry, and essential oil roller balls. Learn more

Stray Cat Crystals
Stray Cat Crystals carries a variety of handmade jewelry, art from local artists, crystals, and harem pants. Learn More

The Blue Fairey
The Blue Fairey will be offering mini and full readings along with mini energy treatments (IET). Learn more

The Garden of Hecate and Pan
Come to the Garden for a magical selection of home-made candles and incense made in the Strega way. Learn More

The Practical Pixie
The Practical Pixie will be offering; beard oils, vegan hot process soaps, herbal milk baths, crystal bath bombs, after shower pixie dust, felted soaps, sugar scrub bars and lip balm. Learn more

The Robin’s Nest
We welcome you to enjoy everything that we have to offer at The Robin’s Nest… Friendship, Community, Creativity, Unique Gifts, Custom Crafted Potions & Wares, Magickal & Ritual Items, Divination Materials, Candles, Crystals, Specialty Designed Clothing, Ritual Wear and more! Learn more

The Veiled Crow
The Veiled Crow offers magical oils, handmade incense, ritually charged bath products along with custom spells, candle magick and psychic readings are all available to help you manifest the life you want. Crafted and curated by witches for witches in their Cranston, RI shop. Learn more

The Witch’s Crafts
The Witch’s Crafts carries the same awesome natural body products that they created in 2014 but realizing they had so much more to offer artistically, they’ve added hand crafted ‘witchy’ decor, such as their very own hanging witch stockings, deco mesh witch hats, witch brooms and magical sachets. Fluid Art Paintings and coasters have been added this year and the ever popular Grumpkins, a species of pumpkins created in the woods of Scituate, RI. in 2016 will be the hit of all Halloween lovers everywhere. Learn more

The Witch’s Wheel
Jewelry, aromatherapy, sun catchers, dream catchers, candles, besoms, tapestries, hair accessories, wood crafts, spirit boards, staffs, soap and body products, wands, prayer beads, pendulums, wind chimes, tote bags, mugs, T-shirts.

Twilight Dreams by Kacee
Since falling in love with the art and science of Astrology at the age of 12, Kacee has dedicated her life to the study and mastery of this fascinating and all-encompassing methodology. She specializes in Evolutionary and Psychological Astrology, which focuses on the psyche and emotional healing that’s possible for every Soul. As an Empath & Intuitive, she’s had a several-decade relationship with the tarot cards and have more recently incorporated the Divine Angel cards into the mix. She also uses the Lenormand deck as a back-up in her card readings if she sees them as a more apt tool to answer her clients’ questions. She’ll be offering her top 3 readings at this event: MINI-ASTROLOGY readings, TAROT CARD readings, and ANGEL CARD readings. Learn more

Valhalla Awaiting
All of your needs for Viking and Norse Mythology enthusiasts! Statuary and Jewelry, Novelty Items and Altar Additions. Come find it at their Shoppe! Skål! Learn more

Walt-King Sticks & More
Walt makes custom woodworking suited to you on site. From walking sticks and canes, to fiber art tools, feast ware, wall clocks, and child-safe knives. Learn More

West of the Moon
Offering Apothecary, Art and Artifacts, Incense, Jewelry, and Witchwares. Learn more

Wicked S Scents
Crystals & Stones, Charms, Chant Beads, Pendulums, Herb Pouches/Bottles, Intention Bags, Intention Dolls, Various Metaphysical Items

Wings of Sin
Wings of Sin is a small, handmade clothing and accessories company reflecting owner and artist, Melaney Pettini’s lifelong love of nature, witchcraft and folklore. Each piece is created to wrap your body in comfort and magick. Wings of Sin specializes in dark and earthy designs to please the wild witch, the comfort goth and the dark alternative fashion lovers. Learn more