Presentation Application

Presentation, workshop and ritual proposals will be chosen with an effort to bring a wide variety of traditions and practices to RI Pagan Pride Day. We are looking for opportunities to educate the general public about the various spiritual practices, traditions and belief systems that fall under the “pagan” umbrella.

Click here for the list of 2018 RIPPD Presentions

We are unable to pay presenters and performers for their service, this is not-for-profit organization and we rely on volunteers from the community who are willing to share their time and talent for the greater good of educating the general public about the traditions and practices of paganism.

We are grateful for the talented teachers, artists and performers who support the Pagan Pride Project and as a showing of our gratitude, we will provide a 10′ x 10′ outdoor space to those who give their time in this way at RIPPD 2018.

Click the link below to download the workshop and ritual proposal applications

RIPPD Presentation Application 2018

RIPPD Ritual Application 2018

Need more info? Write to Gail, our Education and Entertainment Coordinator