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RIPPD 2018 Presentations

The Spirit of the Witch

Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor of House of Grimassi/Raven’s Loft/Ash, Birch, and Willow

Many people are not aware of Witchcraft as a spiritual tradition or personal Path. Join authors Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor for a talk on Witches and their spirituality. Learn about the Witch as she or he applies personal beliefs to everyday life. This part of the talk addresses “the Witch in sunlight.” Learn also about the Witch in moonlight, the mystical beliefs and practices of the Witch’s spirituality. Also included in the talk is the “ethical code” of the Witch.

*This talk is approximately one hour long.

Raven Grimassi is a well-established and popular teacher and lecturer in the ways of Witchcraft and spiritual development. Raven is an award winning author of over twenty books on Witchcraft, Wicca, and Inner Mystery Traditions. He is a practitioner and teacher with over 45 years of experience. Raven has dedicated his life to the research, writing and preservation of the ancient Pre-Christian European ways of our ancestral roots. He is the current co-directing elder of the Ash, Birch and Willow tradition of witchery. Raven is also a recognized expert on Italian Witchcraft and on the works of Charles Godfrey Leland

Raven co-directs and co-teaches the Ash, Birch & Willow Tradition through the House of Grimassi with his partner Stephanie . In addition, Raven and Stephanie offer home study courses on the foundational teachings of Witchcraft for modern times (with students around the globe) through Raven’s Loft website., is their online store, which has been dedicated to providing items for spiritual and magical practice for over 19 years. Their radio show, Seasons of the Witch, can be found on BlogTalkRadio with archived shows and live broadcasts several times monthly.

Find more information at https:// for updates on appearances and relevant information on upcoming courses, blogs, shows and sales.

Roots, Stones, Shells and Bones: A Louisiana Mojo Primer

Raven Morgaine of Familiar Spirits

In this presentation, Raven will discuss the construction of mojo bags and gris gris charms, using botanical, zoological, mineral, oils, metals, and the doctrine of signatures to maximize effectiveness. He will also discuss the proper care and feeding of these charms.

Raven Morgaine is one of the most sought after spiritual workers on the east coast. Versed in the arts of conjure, rootwork, and Louisiana style charm work, with over 32 years of professional experience, Raven has devoted his art, studies, and energy to the practice and understanding of the enchantments of the natural world.

Labyrinth: An Ancient Pattern for a Modern World

Tracy Andryc of One Path Labyrinth Ventures and

Jennifer Nino of Labyrinths by Jenza’s Garden

The labyrinth is an ancient pattern that was once associated with birth, death and initiation. In medieval times, it was utilized in cathedrals as a surrogate pilgrimage and metaphor for the victory of good over evil. This ageless pattern has found its way into modern spirituality and brings with it an ancient wisdom that aligns with our modern spiritual paths. Join Tracy of One Path Labyrinth Ventures and Jennifer of Labyrinths by Jenza’s Garden for this workshop that will cover the ways you can brings the labyrinth into your daily life and use its ancient wisdom for healing, guidance and spiritual focus and a walk in the labyrinth.

Tracy Andryc has been sharing her love of the labyrinth since her first walk on its path in 1998. She sees the labyrinth as a universal tool that can be used in a magical/spiritual context, regardless of your religious path. Tracy is a Veriditas Certified Labyrinth Facilitator, Certified Birth Doula, Reiki Master, owner of One Path Labyrinth Ventures and author of Sacred Path Labyrinth Cards. She takes a holistic approach to her labyrinth work by incorporating other modalities such as crystal grids, sound and sacred dance. For almost two decades, she has facilitated workshops and rituals on the labyrinth and other topics at venues throughout New England.

Jennifer Niño who began her Labyrinth journey in 2012 recently became a Veriditas Trained Labyrinth Facilitator and has been mentoring under Tracy for over a year. Bringing Labyrinths to people’s awareness is a passion for Jennifer. As a “Failed Meditator” Jennifer found that Labyrinths gave her a space to clear her mind and wants to bring that experience to others. Jennifer is the owner of Jenza’s Garden an Herbal Teaching Garden in Burrillville RI where she grows Magical & Medical Herbs. She has been teaching beginner herbal classes there and at various locations for several years. Along with her herbal teachings she does Broom Making Workshops.

Red Tent Caravan

Tori McNally of Avalon Enchanted

Red Tent Caravan will be pulling into RI Pagan Pride Day. Come and explore Red Tent as we consciously ready ourselves for the turn of the wheel toward the dark half of the year and celebrate and give thanks for this year’s fruitful bounty. Please look for our red canopy to experience Red Tent for yourself throughout the day with a special Red Tent Caravan program from 11:00 am – 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm.

The Red Tent has become a phenomenon that is a place for women to gather within sacred space to honor themselves and their moon cycles, to honor their individual journeys. It is a place to meditate, talk, celebrate, do ritual, laugh, and share our dreams and visions.

Tori McNally of Avalon Enchanted is an experienced Tarot Reader, Physical Medium, Empath, Certified Hypno-Therapist, Quantum & IET Energy Healer. She is an experienced Table Tipper and Metaphysical Teacher here in the Rhode Island and Southern New England area. Tori is also a guide for Newport Ghost Tours and is a member of the SNE Paranormal Team. Tori is thrilled to facilitate a specialized women’s’ community in the Rhode Island and South Eastern Massachusetts area called Red Tent Caravan on a quarterly basis. Please visit to book an appointment or to learn more about Tori’s local Table Tipping Circles, class schedules and Red Tent Caravan events.

Connecting with Community

Darrell Moore, RIPPD Coordinator, of Horn and Cauldron, Church of the Earth

Discussion about where and how to connect with others in the Pagan Community. This is for the solitary, the newcomer, and the long time Pagan who has had numerous experiences.

Walking with the Medicine Wheel

Mel Cordeiro of Nine Claws Creations

Medicine wheels have been used in many cultures to promote well-being
and healing. The Native American medicine wheel is just one example. Learning about the Wheel and its use can help us as individuals to understand where we are on our life path, as well as help us heal from past/present traumas and remind us that we are all connected. During this presentation, I invite you to come learn the basics and see how the Wheel can help you learn about who you are and who you want to be.

Mel is a Native American Pipe Carrier and medicine woman of Chippewa (Ojibwa) and Cherokee decent, among other nationalities, a Certified Health Education Specialist, specializing in public health topics, as well as a Level 3 Reiki Master and an ordained Minister. Mel is a yoga fanatic and meditates often. She has walked the Red Road actively for five years and has had the distinct honor of having many teachers along her path.

Main Ritual:

Celebrate Mabon, the “Witches Thanksgiving” with Horn and Cauldron, COTE

Stepfanie ScottoDiUccio, Horn and Cauldron, Church of the Earth

Come join us and experience this sacred Mabon ritual to celebrate a Wiccan path/tradition that honors the God and Goddess at this time of harvest and abundance. As part of ritual we offer gratitude to the Deities for all of the blessings we have received at every turn of the wheel. We also take this opportunity to acknowledge and embrace the changes happening all around us and within us as the wheel turns yet again and the Earth begins her transition from light to dark.

Stepfanie ScottoDiuccio is an initiated Autumn Spirit Priestess in Horn and Cauldron, Church of the Earth. Stepf is a powerful ritualist who lives closely with the natural world as expressed in her magick. She connects with the phases of the moon and the turning of the Wheel of the Year, manifesting highly creative and effective rituals that help others tap into that magickal energy.

Introduction to Greek Polytheistic Spirituality

Hiereus Timotheos Kyknandreis of Hellenic Temple of Apollon, Zeus and Pan

Introduction to Greek Polytheistic Spirituality will serve as an overview of the common practices of Hellenic Polytheists and Temenos OIkidios.

Those attending this workshop will be able to:
Define Hellenic Polytheism and Hellenic Reconstructionism
Identify the major divinities of the religious practice
Discuss the common practices and beliefs of the Hellenic Traditions and their influences
Describe some of the components of Hellenic Polytheistic Ritual structure

Hiereus Timotheos Kyknandreis (aka Timotheos Anderson) has been a practicing Hellenic Polytheist since 2002. In 2005, he established the Hellenic Temple of Apollon, Zeus and Pan to serve the Greek Gods and the Hellenic Polytheist community in Rhode Island and surrounding areas. In 2013, he married his husband, Peregrine Kyknandreis who had established the Hellenic Temple of Hera, Hermes and Dionysos. The two temples combined in 2018 to form what is now known as “Temenos OIkidios or Temple of the Little House.”
Timotheos has presented at several Pagan Pride Day celebrations as well as national healthcare conferences and webinars on the topics including: The Pagan Elder: Understanding the Unique Needs of Pagans in Long Term Care Communities and Religious Diversity in Nursing Homes

Sacred Belly Dance

Andrea Daunis of Horn and Cauldron, Church of the Earth

Connect with your inner Goddess through dance. Learn to belly dance while also searching for inner peace. Each movement, each breath moves energy outside you and within you. Build the energy with faster movements, and calm the energy with slow sultry waves of your body. This time is not about dancing perfectly. It is about listening to your body, loving your body, and feeling connected with your body.

Requirements for anyone interested in taking the presentation: If you have any physical limitations, please let me know. Many of the moves can be adjusted. If you suffer from back pain, hip pain, or knee pain, please be aware that belly dance uses many hip movements, working muscles out in your back, legs, and even your feet. These areas may become sore. Please listen to your body, if you experience discomfort, please tell me, so I may help you modify the movement, or advise a different movement.

Andrea Daunis is an initiated Summer Spirit Priestess on the Clergy Training path with Horn and Cauldron, Church of the Earth – a Wiccan teaching coven based on the Spiral Tree Grove Tradition – and she could not ask for a better spiritual family! Andrea has been a belly dancer for about 17 years, enjoying this wonderful journey learning the beautiful movements, and also combining it with energy movement and meditation. She loves to express herself through dance, whether it is joy or sadness, happiness or anger. She sees dance as an energy outlet, combining the movements of belly dance with spiritual intent and getting not only exercise, but also finding a deeper connection to body and inner self.

Rollicking Roister Purification Procession

Darrell Moore and Gail McHugh of RIPPD and Horn and Cauldron, Church of the Earth

At 10:00 AM to open RI Pagan Pride Day we will be having a Rollicking Roister Purification Procession! We want you to join in!

Dress in your finest or most grotesque! Wear your costumes, wear your skins and masks; bring your drums, rattles, antlers, horns, instruments and any noise makers as we follow in the ancient European practices stretching back over 2500 years. As our ancestors did, we will wildly cavort through the park to clear out all evil spirits and spiritually cleanse our Park. Meet at the Main stage.

Gail McHugh and Darrell Moore are High Priestess & High Priest of Horn and Cauldron, Church of the Earth – the largest active, experiential teaching coven in RI, founded in 2009. Ordained Winter Spirit Elders in the Spiral Tree Grove tradition, Gail and Darrell are respected spiritual leaders and teachers of Craft mysteries, both locally and internationally. Skillful, insightful, and intuitive Witches, they create powerful, effective rituals for handfastings, coming of age and all other rites of passage, a well as being available by appointment for speaking events.

The Triple Soul of the Witch

Mat Auryn of Sacred Fires Tradition of Witchcraft

Many mystical and religious traditions around the world have viewed the soul as not a single substance but having multiple parts, most commonly three. Witchcraft is no exception, in this engaging workshop Mat Auryn will teach about the three souls as explained in the Sacred Fires Tradition of Witchcraft while comparing it to ideas in other traditions and cultures. You will learn how to connect with, feed, strengthen each of the three souls while also learning how to work through each of the soul’s challenges. You will also learn how to align all three of the souls as one and ignite the witch’s fire for psychic and magickal empowerment and wholeness. The discussion will also relate to how mediumship, reincarnation, hauntings, and ancestral work can all be simultaneously true.

Mat Auryn (New England) is a witch, writer, professional psychic, and occult teacher. He is an instructor and priest within the Sacred Fires Tradition of Witchcraft and holds training and initiation in various other Witchcraft and Magickal Traditions. He is the managing editor for Modern Witch Magazine and also maintains the blog For Puck’s Sake on Patheos Pagan, has a regular column on the House of Twigs, and in Horns Magazine. He has been featured in various magazines, radio shows, books and other periodicals. His first book Psychic Witch will be released through Llewellyn in 2019. To find out more about him and his work visit

Rhythmic Magick: Sacred Drumming for Empowerment and Ritual

Patrick Shea of Horn and Cauldron, Church of the Earth

This workshop will be hands on with musical instruments, mostly drums. It will begin with a brief background on the ceremonial and sacred use of instruments since ancient times, and their symbolism in ritual. The main body of the workshop will focus on basic drumming techniques, playing with a group, and using acoustic music for different ritual purposes such as purification, journey work, and raising energy. This workshop will be approximately 30 minutes long.

Patrick Shea is a music educator in Rhode Island and member of Horn and Cauldron, Church of the Earth. He studied percussion at the University of Rhode Island and is the current drummer of Not for Nuthin’ and the Larry Brown Swinglane Orchestra.

Viking Games and “Ask a Heathen” Anglo-Saxon Heathen Beliefs

Paul Hanusch of Saxnot’s Hearth

Kubb (pronounced “koob”) is a popular Norse lawn game, said to have originated as an old Viking game. But according to the legends, when the Vikings played this game, they played with the skulls of their enemies! And to knock them down, they used their enemies femur bones. Nowadays for practical reasons, we tend to use wooden blocks and sticks instead of skulls and bones. Kubb has been nicknamed “Viking Chess”, but it is more like a cross between horseshoes and bowling. Come out to the field and try your hand.

History of the Tarot

Samara Yelle of Horn and Cauldron, Church of the Earth

How did tarot come to be? A discussion of the history of the cards, especially the iconic Rider-Waite deck and Pamela Coleman Smith, the illustrator responsible for the famous images. Please feel free to bring your own deck or artwork to discuss.

Samara is an initiated Summer Spirit Priestess of Horn and Cauldron, Church of the Earth, who has been reading tarot for friends and family for over 15 years. She is currently studying with Horn and Cauldron on the Clergy Training Path in the Spiral Tree Grove tradition.

Closing Ritual: Anglo-Saxon Symbel (“Sumble”) Rite

Paul Hanusch of Saxnot’s Hearth

Symbel (Pronounced “sumble”) is a Heathen
ritual ceremony in which one or more drinking horns or other vessels are filled with mead (or another appropriate drink). The horn is blessed, and then passed around the circle for several rounds of toasts, boasts, or oaths. The first round of toasts may be to the gods, the second round to wights or ancestors, and the third round may be to whatever else the assembled Heathens wish to toast. There may be many more rounds, or the symbel may stop after a designated number. A separate libation (drink offering) may be given to the gods, landwights or housewights, or some of the contents of the horn may
be poured out as an offering to them.

Saxnot’s Hearth is a Rhode Island based inhired dedicated to reviving
the polytheistic traditions of the Anglo-Saxons from pre-Christian times. We schedule ritual celebrations to honor the old gods about once a month in accordance with Bede’s Anglo-Saxon calendar. We study the runes, Old English manuscripts, and Germanic folklore. We are available for presentations on topics related to Anglo-Saxon Heathenry.