We are thrilled to announce that Selena Fox will be the

RIPPD 2019 Keynote Speaker and will lead our community ritual!

Selena New Moon Altar Rite sq
Paganism at the Crossroads
Exploring the strengths and challenges of Pagan diversity, plus some ways to connect and collaborate with Pagans locally and globally on manifesting beneficial futures for the greater Pagan community and Planet Earth.
Celebrating Pagan Community Ritual
Join together with Pagans of many paths and places in this rite celebrating Pagan diversity, unity, and community.
Selena Fox is a Pagan priestess, Nature mystic, author, Selena Cauldron Forestphotographer, podcaster, holistic psychotherapist, and spiritual healer.  Also known as Rev. Selena Fox, Selena is senior minister and high priestess of Circle Sanctuary which has been serving Pagans and other Nature religion practitioners of many paths worldwide with publications, events, networking, civil rights activism, and other services since 1974.  A lifelong environmentalist, Selena is founder of Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve located in southwestern Wisconsin, USA, which includes Circle Cemetery, a national Pagan burying ground that is among the first Green cemeteries in the nation.  Selena has a MS in counseling from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and does consultations, readings, and counseling by zoom and telephone with clients across the USA and beyond.  Selena’s writings, rituals, chants, and photographs have been widely published on-line and in-print.  Selena hosts two weekly podcasts, Divining Dreams and Nature Mystic and travels across the USA and elsewhere presenting workshops and rituals.  She is founder of the Circle Craft tradition which blends together ancient and contemporary Pagan folkways, Hedgewitchery, multicultural Shamanism, and Nature mysticism.
The Witch Father; Reclaiming the Divine Masculine
presented by Raven Morgaine
Raven will present a deeper look in to the Horned God archetype , and the role of the divine masculine in Witchcraft. As well as the exploration of the God/Goddess as unity rather than duality.
For over 30 years Raven Morgaine has been one of the most sought out readers and spiritual workers on the east coast. Dubbed “the readers reader” by clients and colleges Raven owns Familiar Spirits the only New Orleans Inspired Magical shop. Featured in television, pod casts, radio shows , magazines and other print publications, his unique perception of the Pagan community as well as the world at large, gives a fresh voice to the old ways.
Trance Fusion Belly Dance
presented by Holly Ferreira
Bringing women together. Creating sacred circles of energy. Creating sacred circles of energy. Through bodies and souls. Come with an open mind. And an open heart.
Holly Ferreira has been teaching Fusion Dance for 17 years. Her foundation is Egyptian, but then ventured into Goddess, Trance, Gothic, African, Samba, Kawleeya and Theatrical. Her purpose is to guide women to find their power through dance, support, and love.
Condensed History of the Occult
presented by Tckipakkan
Join Tchipakkan, artist, writer, and healer, for a history of the occult. She is the author of several pagan cookie books, and co-founder of the New England Metaphysical Conference Changing Times-Changing Worlds.
Introduction to Palmistry

Reading palms is not hard – in one hour you will walk away with enough of the basic skills to read your own palm, and those of your friends (not that you shouldn’t keep studying!). The most useful aspect of palmistry is learning about yourself, and thus gaining control of your future- and it’s fun too!
Tchipakkan is an artist, writer, healer, and quietly but openly pagan/heathen/rustic for the last 50 years, author of several pagan cookie books, and co-founder of the New England Metaphysical Conference Changing Times-Changing Worlds. She practices and teaches Palmistry, RuneValdr and Reiki, huna healing, herbalism, and soothsaying with runes, tarot, and anything else people will hold still for.
Taoist Energy Healing
presented by Jeff Cote
In this presentation Tao Shih Jeff Coté will share the fundamental training of Taoist Qi (Life Force) Healing. These fundamentals are rooted in ancient Taoist Sorcery and as such basic concepts and techniques from this metaphysical tradition will also be discussed. Such topics include the training of the Shen (Spirit), Yi (mind intent), Zhi (will), Hun (Ethereal Soul) and Po (Corporeal Soul), and how such training is applied to effect metaphysical healing through the vehicle of the Qi (Life Force).
Jeff Coté, The Occidental Taoist, has been called one of the hidden treasures of New England. Jeff has been professionally studying Qigong, Medical Qigong, Tai Chi, Baguazhang, Tao Yin, Taoist Meditation and Zhongyi Medicine for nearly thirty years. Mr. Coté has also been teaching these arts for over twenty years at Massage and Bodywork schools, Senior Centers, Community Centers, schools of Asian Healing Arts, and in various Martial Arts facilities both across the country and internationally. Most recently his public access television show – Tai Chi: The Way to Radiant Health has earned him the moniker of “The Bob Ross of Tai Chi.” Jeff has professionally practiced Zhongyi Medicine (Classical Chinese Medicine) in the disciplines of Tuina, Medical Qigong, and Herbalism for over twenty five years. He happily and willingly shares his knowledge and love for these arts with all who wish to learn them.
Momma Lara: Trolldom: Spells and Methods of the Norse Folk Magic Tradition
presented by Lara Rivera

Trolldom, the folk magic of Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, has been practiced for more than 500 years. Now, after extensive research, Johannes Björn Gårdbäck presents the fascinating occult art of Norse trolldom to an English-speaking audience. This detailed account of traditional Scandinavian folk magic offers in-depth historical background, divination methods, and descriptions of practical spell-craft, and includes hundreds of collected Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish trolldom workings for love, money, protection, healing, and cursing.

Lara Rivera is a professional folk magic practitioner who specializes in hoodoo and Norse traditions. Lara is currently the house mother of Cheshire House, a local academy of magic that focuses on historical traditions. Cheshire House covers such initiatives as hoodoo, trolldom, greco-egyptian magic, jewish folk magic, sigil magic, divination, Northern European shamanism, herbalism, and the history of magic. The works of catherine yronwode, Harry Hyatt, Kaedrich Olsen, Kari Tauring, Johannes Gårdbäck, and Dr Stephen Skinner play a large part of both her personal practices and established curriculum.
Rhythmic Magick: Sacred Drumming and Music for Empowerment and Ritual
presented by Patrick Shea

This workshop will be hands on with musical instruments, mostly drums. It will begin with a brief background on the ceremonial and sacred use of instruments since ancient times, and their symbolism in ritual. The main body of the workshop will focus on basic drumming techniques, playing with a group, and using acoustic music for different ritual purposes such as purification, journey work, and raising energy. This workshop will be approximately 30 minutes long.

Patrick Shea is a music educator in Rhode Island and a Root Member of Horn and Cauldron, Church of the Earth. He studied percussion at the University of Rhode Island and is the current drummer of Not for Nuthin’ and the Larry Brown Swinglane Orchestra.

Witches Are Gathering: Secrets of a Contemporary Coven
presented by Gail McHugh
So you want to join a coven? This interactive discussion will answer some of your questions including; how the top 3 reasons people choose to seek a coven after trying solitary practice; 7 myths and fears about covens – what’s really true and not true; what kinds of knowledge are kept secret or oathbound, and does one find a teacher and begin to study some of the deeper mysteries; what are some of the levels of study and how to become an initiate; and the top 5 things to consider when seeking a group to join. Gail has been an active member of coven groups for over 26 years, and is currently High Priestess of a teaching coven for the past 10 years. There will be plenty of time for questions and answers.
JourneyDance™: Embodying YourSelena Fox Chakras and Elements Through Movement
presented by Gail McHugh
Our bodies are made of energy! The chakras are the 7 primary energy centers of the human body, and each chakra is associated with an element of Nature (earth, water, fire, air, ether, light, consciousness), a specific area of the body, and with certain aspects of human life and experience. The free flow of energy through the chakras is essential to positive physical and mental health, and yet imbalances or blockages in this flow can occur as a result of day-to-day experiences and interactions. Movement, energy healing through dance and ritual is a powerful, highly effective way to bring our chakras back into balance and optimal functioning. In this JourneyDance™ practice, we won’t just talk about energy, we will experiment and play with freestyle dance, movement invitations and music to stir creative flow, awaken and harmonize our energy centers and unleash their potential, in the spirit of conscious community. No experience needed and Every Body welcome!
Gail A. McHugh is an initiated and ordained Wiccan High Priestess, pagan elder, spiritual teacher and psychologist with over 33 years of daily spiritual practice as a way of life. Gail is the founder of Horn and Cauldron, Church of the Earth, the largest active, experiential teaching coven in Rhode Island, which was founded in 2009 with lineage in the Spiral Tree Grove tradition. As a witch, spiritual counselor, and ritual leader, Gail personifies a deep connection with the natural world, the turning of the Wheel of the Year and the phases of the Moon, and recognizes the cyclic nature of life and creation in all things. Through ritual work, myth and metaphor, magickal practice, teaching, and always with mirth and reverence, Gail celebrates the Mysteries in all her endeavors.